Friday, 21 October 2011

The professional choice Liss cream chargers

Are you one of the folks dedicated to having refined pleasure specifically when it comes to food and beverages? There’s a way apart from blowing your finances on eating in starred restaurants just so that you could taste such delectable meals and refreshing drinks. You may be surprised that the only tools you may need are no greater than a few inches tall and thick. To help you with such mission, take a look at soda chargers and cream chargers.

First of all, realize that these chargers will only work with a syphon or dispenser, respectively. Both are small steel vessels that contain the pressurized gas such as co2 for the soda charger and the nitrous oxide for the cream charger.The syphon or dispenser would have to be attached to a charger. Releasing of the gas into the container is necessary via  a punctured hole. This will assist processes such as carbonizing the water molecules in case of the soda charger and pumping the quantity of the cream in case of the cream charger.

Soda chargers and cream chargers are very easy to use, even though they sound scientific and complex. The methods are as easy as the mentioned ones above. A perfect texture and volume of transformed tap water into soda or sparkling water or perhaps your plain cream into whipped cream with ideal texture and volume can be done in just a minute. Presenting you a myriad of benefits using both tools. In countless ways, these are both cost-effective. Considering store-bought ready whipped cream in bins or sodas isn’t any longer necessary. Expenses and effort of purchasing such item in the store will be put aside.

The quantity you only require will be made by using this tool. Every time you use them, you will end up creating a fresh batch of carbonated water or whipped cream. You can be effective at creating premium taste quality drinks and dishes. Saving a lot of effort is possible. Manual labour of making whipped cream using a whisk will not be experienced in the case of the cream charger and dispenser.

To help the environment will be attainable using these tools. Soda bottles and whipped cream storage containers in tons are discarded. Damage to the globe is the result of these waste products. Making your own soda water or whipped cream at home will reduce your waste.

The soda chargers and cream chargers coupled with their respective syphons or dispensers enable you to become a home kitchen chef. An unlimited chance of you experimenting on food recipes and refreshments is accomplished with these tools. It can be exciting for you and your family and guests to experience the kitchen life in your house.

Check out more information on soda chargers and cream chargers by visiting the links online.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Cream chargers for a dirty weekend!

Cream chargers for a dirty weekend!

I am sure everyone likes to spray cream all over a loved one, but how many people like to lick it off again afterwards? 
With a cream whipper/dispenser, it all gets a whole lot easier. Whip yourself into a frenzy of froth and lust as the gas builds up and the bubble bursts!

Even better add some flavouring to it and sweeten the goo. Of course, as you add flavoured syrups and sugars then it all gets a bit stickier. So how about cream chargers for a dirty weekend idea, definitely worth a go? Remember - everything is worth trying once!

Monday, 10 October 2011

Cream charger recycling after use

Whipped cream chargers are steel cylinders rounded at one end & and narrow tip on the other. They are filled with 100% nitrous oxide. The cream canister’s wall is approx 2mm thick so that it can withstand the pressure created when using with a cream whipper.

Once used the chargers cannot be refilled, but these canisters are 100% recyclable. Metal can be recycled indefinitely without losing any of its properties.  However, the recycling rate of steel packaging is only 46%. Most recover of steel is done with a large magnet to separate it from other household waste at landfills. There are recycling locations that you can take your empty cream supplies. The best way to find your local steel recycling centre is to visit and simply type in your postcode to find a centre nearest you.