Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cream Chargers & Cream Whippers

For those who want to make a special fluffy whipped cream a whipped cream whipper/dispenser is needed. This dispenser works fast and makes less mess as compared to a mixer or hand whipping. It is also convenient to use this as it allows for making whipped cream batch by batch instead of doing so all at once. 
It does not cost that much to purchase a whipped cream whipper/dispenser. With each use, only N20 nitrous oxide cream chargers are needed to be bought and be used. 
Thanks to this machine, it is possible to make special cherry pies, ice cream sundaes, and all sorts of creamy beverages at home. Just fill it with sugar, flavour and regular cream. Close it and place the charger in the holder. Screw it up. Shake it for few seconds and remove the charger and you are ready with whipped puffy cream that is fresh and ready to use.

The emulsifying gas, Nitrous Oxide, not only whips and propels the cream but it acts as a natural antibiotic. This means that the cream will store in the whipper for up to 10 days if kept in a fridge.
It does not matter if you only have fudge brownies for dessert because as long as you top it with fluffy cream, it becomes a delightful yummy dessert in an instant.

While you may make good coffee, it does not come close to those served in coffee shops. What you may be missing is the delightful combination of coffee and whipped cream. Nothing can beat this combination especially when you are talking about iced coffee. If you have always preferred frappes now you can enjoy them even at home by making them yourself. You will now also be able to enjoy a refreshing glass of iced coffee with freshly whipped cream. You can even experiment and make variations so that when your friends drop by for coffee, you can surprise them with your coffee and freshly whipped cream concoction.

Cream whippers are the greatest friend of the professional chef. These tools are a must-have in the kitchen as they efficiently help chefs to save time, money and effort. But due to the wide variety of choices available in the market, picking the best product can be overwhelming. When it comes to choosing the best cream whipper and cream charger, bear in mind that quality is of greater importance than low price. The cheapest brand tends to cause troubles such as malfunctioning screw caps or nozzle triggers. Instead of helping to economize, malfunctions in the kitchen will just cause headaches. I Personally use Mosa and Liss cream whippers and cream chargers as they are by far at the top of the chain of brands available to buy of genuine quality that you can rely on and trust.

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